Our Approach

We approach each project with an open mind and without preconceived architectural agendas. Working in close partnership with our clients and wider stakeholders, acting as a single point of contact to deliver, we work hard to clarify the core needs and aspirations of any project at its outset.

For us, the design process is a constant dialogue with the client, and the success of any project greatly depends on this open relationship. Our core skills lie in our ability to test pre-conceptions, turn constraints into opportunities, and translate our clients’ briefs into a coherent and exciting design concept. We enjoy the design process, and we want our clients to enjoy it too.

We use 3D computer software, such as building information modelling (BIM), to communicate our ideas throughout the design process. This is an iterative process of feedback and refinement, and at all stages the design proposals are tested against the project brief and set parameters such as cost, flexibility, and client aspirations.

Collaboration with other consultants, contractors, local authorities and specialists is also likely to be required in the design development of any project. Our knowledge-base allows us to consider and work with this external expertise to adjust the efficiency of the design. All of this input is ultimately coordinated into a package of clear, coordinated information.

Our knowledge of construction techniques and building contracts allows us to engage with construction projects through traditional procurement process, on a Design-and-Build basis (in partnership with a contractor), or on a Construction Management basis (in partnership with managing contractors, prime contractors). We remain committed to our designs, and we will continue to work closely with contractors and clients throughout the construction process to facilitate a high-quality build.