Living Accommodation Project Elan

Client: Babcock Dyncorp/DIO
Location: Various RAF Stations
Involvement: RIBA Stage 2-6
Type: Refurbishment
Value: Approx £450k per accommodation block
Contract Type: Regional Prime Contract East
Contractor: Various

Project Elan was created following a government drive to improve the quality of living for military personnel and create a fast-track, cost effective, tangible solution utilising existing accommodation.

The scope of project Elan involves a complete refurbishment of an existing bed space involving the provision of new fitted bedroom furniture complete with vanity basin and thorough overhaul of the bed space. The upgrade also refurbished ancillary areas such as circulation spaces, communal areas, snack preparation areas, laundry, toilets and ablutions areas along with building services upgrades such as heating, electrical, ventilation and domestic water services all as required depending on the condition of the existing facility.

Templeman Design were appointed to develop the Elan standards and into a workable scheme, obtain all statutory permissions, development of the multi-disciplinary design for construction and design services during construction.