New Community Facility RAF Marham

Client: DCRE
Location: RAF Marham
Involvement: RIBA Stage 1-5
Type: Refurbishment
Value: £850k
Contractor: Turners

Concept proposal to overclad and existing community hub, together with external landscape works to improve connection to RAF Marham’s family quarters. The proposed developments principle aim is to unify the community space and in return create a visual connection to RAF Marham, while providing additional outdoor community space.

The inspiration for the project developed from the triangulation of air craft parts to provide a connection with RAF Marham. The form of the building façade and landscape revealed itself through drawing and site constrains.

The landscape has been developed using ‘node points’ these are points defined by current conditions. In this case nodes are associated with activities that surround the site and the points are connected to develop diagrams of the sites context. These diagrams are transcribed into landscape components.

The facade has been developed using ‘triangulation’ of aircraft body. The particular elements within the aircraft are accentuated and the addition of canopies are proposed to provide shelter and enhance this visual connection. A series of diagrams where developed and finally translated into the buildings facades considering existing building features.

Templeman Design applied for planning which was approved and the scheme was developed into a detail design. In order to understand the proposal it was developed using Building Information Modelling (BIM) which provided a 3d model of all components to ensure their accuracy.