Housing Development Snettisham

Templeman Design have been appointed to facilitate the technical design and construction of 11 houses in Snettisham. The project includes 8 luxury properties designed to a contemporary country style together with a row of semi-detached houses for first time buyers.

This project provided the multidisciplinary design team with the opportunity to fully integrate the design using building information modelling (BIM). This process allowed the structural, mechanical, electrical, civil and architectural design inputs to be coordinated through the same 3d model ensuring pipe runs, radiator locations, steelwork and building envelope were coordinated before works commended on site minimising risk for unforeseen works during construction, and ultimately reducing project costs and programme.

Although the design of the properties are not complex, they comprise of chalet style buildings which always gives rise to challenges associated with head height and usable space in first floor rooms. However, with the use of our 3d model we were able to accurately determined usable floor space and provide our client with visuals to appreciate the space before construction. The model also proved useful when making decisions about bathroom layouts and dormer locations on the first floor, which gave risk to some significant cost savings.

The use of the BIM also allowed accurate predictions of the thermal envelope, solar analysis, daylight analysis, allowed heat loss and electrical load calculations to be produced, ensuring the building achieved above average energy standards. There will be no gas, oil or LPG, the properties will be heated using air source heat pumps combined with a highly efficient thermal envelop.