Masterplan Housing Development Terrington St Clement – Norfolk

Client: Private
Location: Terrington St Clement
Involvement: RIBA Stage 1-2
Type: Masterplan
Value: £Confidential

Templeman Design were appointed to consider the viability of regenerating a disused nursery site to connect the two half’s of the village. The master plan considered two main access corridors from Churchgate Way to Benns Lane, as this will provide vehicle and pedestrian (with cycle path) access between the disjointed settlement. This network would also provide access to potential future development. To the South of the lower access route a ‘green corridor’ has been included which will act as a meandering adventure walk while providing an area for flood control (swales). This will not only provide outdoor space for residents but also improve the sites ecology. The scheme provides an additional sports field and MUGA (multi use games area) for the school and local community. There is also a critical pedestrian access route between the new development and proposed business zone. The business zone will be screened with a dense line of trees, and will make use of the existing industrial buildings, maintaining the ethos of reusing rather than removing. The scheme maintains the natural water course and included this within the development that provides open park space where the critical pedestrian routes meet.  This also provides a quality setting for new dwellings to look out on.

The housing development layout has been designed to ensure most dwellings look out over green space. Today’s modern developments comprise of streets that are often filled with cars and dominated by dense development. The idea here being dwellings are provided with reasonable private gardens, reasonable frontage and sufficient off road parking. All houses are provided with at least two car parking spaces, many have 3 if you include garages. The speed of vehicles is also naturally controlled by meandering streets, and at crossing points are raised level with kerbs for level pedestrian access crossing and (ramped) for vehicles to slow them down.